About Us

Plast-Equip is a brand mark of accessories and peripherals for the plastics processing industry which, since 1977, has been a partner of the largest and best packaging, auto parts , electronic products , technical parts manufacturers, etc. . We are proud to have the recognition of the excellence of our products and services, expressed in the loyalty of our customers.



Founded in February 1977, was dedicated to the manufacture of screens changing dies for extruders. In 1980 started manufacturing equipment for the automation of conveying, drying and blending of plastic pellet raw materials, individual solutions to a single machine. In 1982, in partnership with auto parts maker Metagal installed the first central transportation system and dehumidification for an injection plant. Since than, we are the most important supplier of the domestic market.


Providing our customers solutions in conveying, blending and dehumidification, with advanced technology and high reliability in products and pre and post sales services. Building a long- term view relationship, excellence , with transparency and respect for customers , employees , community and environment.


We will continue to develop equipment that exceed the needs of our customers through specialization and constant research. Our vocation is to continue serving this market for long.